Dominik Sobe

Hi, I am Dominik.

I am a founder and passionate Indie Hacker from Austria πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή that loves to design and build things on the interweb.

Currently working on StorePreviewer


Writing about my indiehacking journey, ups and downs of trying to be a young founder, technology and random stuff I feel like talking about.

First, second, waitβ€”third customer

February 1, 2021
3 min

It has been more than a month since I soft-launched StorePreviewer 2.0 and nobody seemed to be interested at first. Then, this weekend everything changed. Here is what happened...


My 2020 Annual Review

January 1, 2021
15 min read

We have officially closed the door on 2020. This year, I'm writing my first Annual Review, which will give me a chance to review what went well and what could have gone better while also giving me a moment to enjoy the progress I've made over the past 12 months...


The journey of launching StorePreviewer PRO

December 10, 2020
5 min read

As you have maybe noticed the time between my last post about StorePreviewer's first launch in March and this one you are currently reading spans over 8 months. Quite a long time, huh? So why did it take so long to launch? Let me explain...

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