What. Why. How


What is an Indiehacker?


Great question. Being an Indiehacker is quite a new profession, which many people might not know yet. An Indiehacker or Indiemaker is an independent creator. They build projects with their own resources, often without funding, taking care of all aspects: development, design, marketing... Wearing all kinds of hats in your company has many advantages but also disadvantages. If you want to learn more, Thomas has dedicated an entire site to this and off course, Courtland has some thoughts as well.


Why do I share part of my life on the internet?


Serendipity and self-accountability. I am nowhere near being an expert in any particular topic, but I believe that the beautiful thing about helping others is that you don’t have to be an expert. Instead, you only have to be a little further along than the person you’re assisting. Most likely, there is at least one person on a similar journey to you. For the past two years, I kept quiet because I:


a) thought if I am not super successful Hola imposter syndrome) I have no cause to write and

b) felt like I don't have time for it.


I have a lot of thoughts and I feel like I want to have an outlet for them. Writing is a great way to reflect on my thoughts and actions, it makes me have actual skin in the game, and... serendipity.


How do you work?

I write my bits and bytes preferably with these tools:

Dev Tool
Dev Tool
Bunch of other cool tools

How do you not work?

  • I drink and eat. My favorite coffee beans are the Yirgacheffe beans from Ethiopia – brewed in an Aeropress at 90°C. I also enjoy organic grass-fed steak and potatoes in all shapes.
  • I have a thing for cats. I am not a cat dad. Yet. I appreciate their elegance and stubbornness. They follow their very own agenda and enlighten your day (=^・ェ・^=)).


I’d like to talk to you.

First of all, this warms my heart. Secondly, I love meeting new cool people, such as the person that’s currently reading this. Yes. You. I really do. If you have any questions, want my advice, hang or surf, reach out to me via email or slide into my Twitter DMs.


Are you available for freelance work?

Yes, I’m currently taking on limited and carefully selected amount of client work. I’m profound in web development, design and business consultation. I’m mostly passionate about building unique web experiences and MVPs. If you think we are a good fit, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or reach me via Twitter DMs.


Want updates from me?

I occasionally send out an email with updates about my startup journey or when I have an interesting story to share.